National Intern Day 2022

by Ace Sadler-Esp, Marketing Intern

Blue Ridge Power has been thrilled to host our first group of high school interns this summer through our PowerUp Workforce Development Program. In celebration of National Intern Day, we’re highlighting their experiences working in a variety of roles at our Fayetteville, NC and Asheville, NC offices.

Alex, Office Manager Intern and Facilities Manager Intern

“I wanted to be an intern at Blue Ridge Power to learn more about the solar industry. At Blue Ridge Power, I have interned in facilities management and office management. I have learned how to plan events that account for large numbers of people, and I have learned different skills that relate to maintaining workplace facilities. My favorite part of the internship is working with knowledgeable people that teach me new things. My advice to give to future interns would be to learn as much as you can and have a great attitude.” –Alex

Malia, Accounting Intern

“I wanted to be an intern at Blue Ridge Power because I wanted to gain experience working in an office setting. As an accounting intern, I work in the accounting department to learn valuable skills relating to accounting. I have learned more about working in an office environment, and I have been building my skills in communication, decision-making, and teamwork to help build my knowledge of the solar industry. As this is my first job, I have enjoyed the ability to gain experience in working at a job with Blue Ridge Power. I would tell future interns to be positive and willing to learn from others.” –Malia


Hollis, Office Manager Intern and Facilities Manager Intern

“I wanted to be an intern at Blue Ridge Power to gain knowledge in a growing industry such as solar. I also wished to learn how an office and workplace function. At Blue Ridge Power, I help plan and coordinate events within the company. I also manage office duties by making flyers, setting up spaces, and coordinating catering. I have interned for facility management as well as office management at Blue Ridge Power. This gave me many opportunities to learn how to communicate through many different applications. I enjoy the respect and gratitude my leaders and managers show my peers and me, and I feel like I am making an impact in the world. The advice I would give to future interns is to go into the internship with an open mind as well as a goal of what you wish to gain from the opportunity. Blue Ridge Power is a great place to work in a growing industry.” – Hollis


Ace, Marketing Intern

“I am the marketing intern at Blue Ridge Power. Blue Ridge Power’s excellent marketing team has provided me with opportunities to build on my social media, marketing, analytical, and graphic design skills. I was very interested in graphic design before going into the internship, and my super nice mentor adapted their teaching to embrace my interests. This has allowed me to broaden my skills and improve on old skills with a very enjoyable and paid experience. I have learned important skills in marketing and business such as social media management, data analysis, graphic design, targeting an audience, data entry, advertisements, and general office skills. My favorite part of the internship is learning from and meeting interesting people at Blue Ridge Power. I feel like I am part of an important and influential community full of hard-working innovators. The people I have met have been nice and have taught me important skills. I believe that Blue Ridge Power is making a difference in our nation through solar power and by offering opportunities to students like me. These opportunities have given other interns and me the ability to boost our resumes and future careers. I would tell all Blue Ridge Power’s future interns to be accepting of everything the internship teaches them. All the information being taught to you is important and will influence your future for the better. Blue Ridge Power is a great place to work and learn.” –Ace

Blue Ridge Power is delighted to have our first solar high school interns! We loved working with them, and we wish them the best of luck! Learn more about our internships through our PowerUp Program.