Meet the Team: Max Letourneau, Site Superintendent

“Right now, I’m building a firepit and a rock-climbing wall for my kids,” Max says. “I’m always building something.” 

Once the owner of a residential construction business, Site Superintendent Max Letourneau was born to build. 

While he enjoyed being his own boss, being a business owner brought its own challenges, he explains. “I was looking to move on from my business, and I have an uncle who works in solar. I had also taken a few sustainability classes for my Construction Management degree and was always interested in solar. It seemed like a good career move.”  

As a Site Superintendent, Max primarily tracks the production of the civil and mechanical teams and the installation of posts, racking and modules, along with overseeing erosion control. In coordination with the Associate Project Manager, he sends out weekly production markups of each phase and does weekly drone flights to make sure work is staying on schedule. 

“My goal is to help the crews stay ahead so that when they get to their next task, everything is already lined up,” he explains. “It’s a lot of coordination, communication and adapting to handle problems as they arise.” 

On top of enjoying the variety in his work, Max’s favorite part of the job is his last day on site before moving on to the next project.  

“I remember pulling up to my first project in South Carolina,” he recalls. “It was amazing to watch 1,200 acres of dirt turn into the final product. Whether it’s a house or a solar site, it’s cool to see the progress and be part of something of this scale. Everyone has each other’s backs to get the build done.” 

Max gets to bring projects to life for his family, too. While traveling can be tough, his wife and two kids live with him full-time in a camper. Between his two-year-old and four-year-old, there’s always something new to build to keep them active and make sure their campsite feels like home.