Meet the Team: Mike Ayers

Mike Ayers

“Complacency is a killer. It’s easy to fall victim to complacency after performing a similar task for a long period of time. Never assume the mental state of, ‘I know what I’m doing, it won’t happen to me.'” 

Wise words from Regional Safety Manager Mike Ayers. In addition to being Blue Ridge Power’s sole resource for crane lift plan approval, Mike is one of the go-to resources for our Site Safety Managers and construction teams for all-things safety, ensuring they have everything they need to execute our safety program at each site so all projects are completed as smoothly as possible. “As a safety professional, the company’s level of commitment to safety makes it a great place to work,” he says.  

With 17 years of safety experience, Mike especially enjoys training others and arming them with the knowledge they need to keep themselves and their co-workers safe every day: “I get satisfaction from helping them understand the concept of safety and why we do what we do. A day that there are no injuries, no property damage and no near misses is a great day in my world.”