Meet the Team: Leif Hamar, Construction Manager

Leif Hamar

“One thing I love about Blue Ridge Power is everybody has a voice. There’s a lot of effort from upper management to get input from the field side. This company’s very willing to listen and they want the input. It makes me feel respected.” -Leif Hamar, Construction Manager

Before making his move to solar six years ago, Leif used to wrangle 100-pound fish as a fish farmer in the caviar business. He doesn’t have to do much wrangling these days, but he does do a lot of tracking, planning and scheduling as a Construction Manager. He also arranges the sequence of construction and oversees all activities on-site to make sure solar projects are being built according to plan.

Leif loves being in solar and getting to see the progress he and his team makes. “I feel good that I’m part of green energy and doing something good for the planet. I feel like what I do is making a difference. And I also like seeing my accomplishments. Every day you get to go home knowing you built something.”

Leif is a big fan of the water and the outdoors and likes to hike, camp, fish, and spend time at the beach.