Meet the Team: Helene Beauchamp

Helene Beauchamp

Lead PV Design Engineer Helene Beauchamp has always wanted to do something beneficial with her career. Her interest in the impact our energy systems have on our planet, along with her drive to solve problems, led her to earn degrees in both environmental science and engineering.  

As one of Blue Ridge Power’s Lead PV Design Engineers, Helene leads a team that creates the electrical designs for all the PV (photovoltaic) equipment that generates solar energy. These complex designs are crucial to a project’s success and must accommodate the terrain, environmental features, budget and zoning requirements of each site.  

Working with Blue Ridge Power’s mechanical and civil engineering teams, along with the construction teams who build the projects, is another crucial part of Helene’s role, and one of the most enjoyable:

“I enjoy the collaboration and the creativity. Each design has unique aspects and challenges, and we get to create solutions. We’re creating something new with each project.” 

Helene has been working in utility-scale renewable energy since 2016, but to her, “it’s not just a job. Everyone here at Blue Ridge works so hard. The work we do is challenging and can sometimes require long hours to meet deadlines. But we do it because it’s an embodiment of our passion and our individual and collective vision. We’re all working to create the kind of world we want to live in for ourselves and the next generation.”