Meet the Team: Gabe Flores, Mechanical Superintendent

Gabe Flores

Mechanical Superintendent Gabe Flores never saw himself working in the field.

Previously a paralegal focusing on criminal, civil appeal, and divorce services, Gabe wanted to merge his legal background with his interest in the burgeoning solar industry.

In 2018, he joined a staffing agency and was sent to a solar site in Texas. Gabe assumed he would be preparing contracts—a significant aspect of his work as a paralegal, and in part, what he applied for. So, he was surprised when he arrived on site that first day and was told to pick up broken modules.

“They gave me PPE and put me to work in the field immediately,” he recalls. “It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. But I absolutely loved every minute of it and have been in the field ever since.”

Gabe didn’t know anything about solar construction but learned quickly as he installed racking and modules. His experience expanded when he began working as a Quality Control Manager.

Now, he carries that focus on quality into his role as Mechanical Superintendent.

“I ensure that we follow the owner’s manuals and engineering specifications for all hardware installed on the project. When problems or complications do arise, we face those challenges together as a team and solve them in a way that adheres to our engineering plans and instructional documents. That’s my favorite part of the job, finding solutions to complexities,” he explains.

Currently on site in Nebraska, Gabe starts his day at 4 a.m. and follows an extensive daily checklist, with many tasks focused on safety and working strategically.

For example, he notes the location of any energized areas so his crews are prepared. He also makes cross-training mandatory to ensure his team is versatile and efficient, in the event one crew needs additional help to stay on schedule.

His experience with contracts comes in handy, too. “My goal is to stay one step ahead,” Gabe emphasizes. “If I have access to the project’s contract, I read it to understand the customer’s expectations and I relay that to my team. I want to be sure we deliver on what we’ve promised.”

Just as customer relationships are a priority for Gabe, so are his relationships with his team. He requires that everyone on his team learn something new related to solar every day and offers lunchtime trainings for their professional development.

When he’s not on site, you can find Gabe fishing, spending time with family and friends, and helping those less fortunate.