Meet the Team: Chuck Cranford

Chuck Cranford

Environmental Compliance Manager Chuck Cranford has dedicated his career to protecting our natural resources. He brings 20+ years of experience in the environmental sector as a regulator, consultant, and industry manager to Blue Ridge Power, with specialization in protecting water resources. Chuck holds a bachelor’s in environmental studies and a master’s in environmental management. 

Seeing the impacts of climate change increase over the years, Chuck decided to make the move to renewables in 2021:

“The gravest threat to natural resources—the ecosystems that support life as we know it—is climate change. Transitioning to renewable energy is the most crucial step we must take to prevent some of the worst impacts, and I want to be part of that transition.” 

In his role, Chuck ensures Blue Ridge Power complies with the environmental regulations applicable to company operations, including construction-related permits and regulations, Clean Water Act requirements, storm water management, and a variety of other federal, state and local rules.

Every aspect of a site must be environmentally compliant, from how a site is engineered to the materials used to build it, so daily collaboration is critical in Chuck’s position. He spends much of his time on-site and works with almost every group at BRP, including civil construction and engineering, Environmental Health and Safety, Sustainability, Procurement, Community Engagement and Operations and Maintenance. 

But for Chuck, it’s not just about “complying.” He strives to do much more than that: 

“It’s true that our projects change the landscapes upon which they are constructed; however, we strive to reduce any possible negative impacts at all sites. Reestablishing vegetation, particularly to protect the streams and wetlands in and around our projects, is paramount. Our intention is not to just comply with environmental regulations but to develop projects in sustainable ways, conserving and protecting natural resources along the way.”

As the first member of Blue Ridge Power’s environmental team, Chuck is particularly excited to establish the company’s policies and procedures and educate his colleagues. He appreciates that “Everyone is open to learning and improving to make the company even better. When people understand what environmental compliance means and how it’s integral to their everyday jobs, it makes everyone’s job easier.” 

Outside of work, Chuck enjoys hiking, listening to music, and perfecting his skills at cooking Indian food.