Blue Ridge Power’s Statement on the Auxin Solar Tariff Petition

Sunset over Sawtell solar site

This petition is not in the interest of American workers or the American people. It only helps Auxin Solar and a few other small companies while jeopardizing the livelihoods of tens of thousands of hard-working Americans currently employed in solar trades.

While increased domestic manufacturing is important for the future of our industry, the volume of solar modules currently produced in the United States is far from sufficient to meet American’s current infrastructure needs. In fact, if Blue Ridge Power bought every module that Auxin solar made last year, it wouldn’t meet our needs for one quarter of 2022 – and we are just one company.

Simply by considering this petition, the Department of Commerce has created a chilling effect in the industry that has led to delayed and potentially cancelled energy infrastructure. If they decide in favor of extending these tariffs, the greatest cost will be felt by the American construction workers and equipment operators who rely on these projects to feed their families.