Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

woman pointing at project timelines

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting just a few of the women who make our company successful. From managing solar projects, to running our offices, to constructing solar sites, we celebrate all of the women who are helping Blue Ridge Power build the future of clean energy.

Courtney King

I started at Blue Ridge Power in June of 2021 as a Logistics Planner on the Logistics & Supply Chain team. I feel so fortunate to be a part of BRP and work in an industry where I find purpose and can play a small role in contributing to our climate’s future. As a Logistics Planner I am responsible for tracking modules orders from the moment a purchase order is placed to the time they arrive on a job site. I work closely with Project and Construction Managers, as well as the Offload and Onsite Teams, to establish delivery schedules, coordinate storage options, freight, and many more items related to the management of all module orders. Collaboration and creative problem solving are the best parts of this job! Being a mom to my one- and three-year-old daughters during a global pandemic is my superpower! They make my world go ’round in a chaotically beautiful way. I hope my role at BRP allows them to see what it means to have pride in the work that you do and being part of something larger than yourself.

-Courtney King, Logistics Planner

I like keeping people safe. I used to work in the field, and now that I’m in the safety position, I like to build a rapport with the people in the field and let them know I’ve been where they’re at. If employees feel unsafe when they’re doing certain tasks, they can come to me and we can find a different method or stop the task altogether if it’s really unsafe. 

-Danielle Harmon, Safety Manager

Melany Gartz

I’ve been with Blue Ridge Power as the Office Manager at the Biltmore-Asheville location since the end of November 2021. I enjoy how the dynamics of the office change daily and how I am presented with new challenges regularly; I thrive in that type of environment and love that I can utilize all of my skills. I couldn’t be happier to work with such an amazing team and for such a remarkable company with values that I truly take to heart!

-Melany Gartz, Office Manager

Claudia Emerson

I began my career in solar energy 5 years ago after graduating with a Sustainability Studies degree. In college, I debated what path I would follow to pursue my passion of environmental sustainability, and one day it hit me – Renewable Energy. I’m so thankful to have begun a career in renewables, because the work we do daily as employees adds more renewable energy on the grid and has a direct impact in the fight against climate change.

-Claudia Emerson, Director of O&M