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Solar energy in the U.S. is growing at a record pace. Over the last decade, the solar industry has grown about 33% each year with no signs of slowing down.

That’s where Blue Ridge Power’s PowerUp Workforce Development Programs come in. From high school students to working adults, these programs are designed for those who are ready to jump into a high-paying and fulfilling career in solar through paid internships and apprenticeships—no college required.

Focused on industry leading training and support, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and certifications to become a successful solar installer and leader in the field. 

Learn more about these programs and how to apply below.

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PowerUp Overview

Whether you start with Blue Ridge Power as an intern or a full-time employee, our PowerUp Programs are designed to give you mobility within the solar construction sector. You’ll expand your knowledge of the solar industry, work collaboratively across areas, and continue your education through various learning and development opportunities.


PowerUp High School Internships provide high school students the opportunity to earn academic credit and money while learning about various roles in our Asheville, NC and Fayetteville, NC offices, including marketing, IT, fleet maintenance, mechanical shop, field engineering, and construction.

PowerUp Academy

PowerUp Academy is a one-week training program focused on providing all construction employees with hands-on experience in constructing a solar array.

You will learn the safety, tool skills, and mechanics of solar site construction, as well as understand how you contribute to Blue Ridge Power’s goals and vision.


Following PowerUp Academy, employees can apply for our PowerUp Apprenticeship Program, a two-year program in which apprentices receive 3,000-4,000 hours of on-the-job training while also receiving 288 hours of national and industry-recognized work-related instruction, creating defined career pathways and upward mobility for employees.

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The Apprenticeship Program starts with PowerUp Academy for full-time employees. Explore our open positions and apply.

Registered Apprenticeships

The U.S. Department of Labor recognizes the PowerUp Apprenticeship Program as a Registered Apprenticeship in North Carolina, Texas and Missouri. Blue Ridge Power is partnering with Adaptive Construction Solutions (ACS) to establish PowerUp as a Registered Apprenticeship across the country to diversify the solar workforce and make well-paying careers accessible as America transitions to a clean energy economy.